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Tracking the Fall Foliage Change Along the Blue Ridge Parkway

September 16th, 2013 by blakehouse

As we near the end of summer and the month of September, the calls start rolling in from guests wanting to know if the leaves are changing yet and when will the colors be at their peak.

From year to year, this changes slightly and I always hesitate to tell guests when they should come in case I’m off. In general, the best period for seeing the leaves at their peak is between the 2nd and 4th weeks in October. Because of all the rain in the first half of the year, predictions are wildly all over the place about when the leaves will change and if we’ll get any color at all.

So, to try to help out our guests in planning their trip to Asheville, I found a great fall foliage tracker on Blue Ridge Parkway Daily.

Not only are they tracking the fall colors around Asheville, but in Virginia as well. And there’s information on where the Parkway may have closings that people want to avoid. Travelers can send in information themselves when and where they are seeing color and the tracker gets updated on Thursdays each week.

Right now, it looks like everything is still green all along the 469 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway, but keep checking back each week to see the color changes.


Cutest Dog Photo Contest – Win a $150 Gift Certificate

March 9th, 2011 by Skyla Grimes

I’ve run a few contests here and there over the years, including a military essay contest, trivia contests, and a recipe contest.  But I must say that this contest probably has me the most excited.

I love dogs, all dogs!  And Blake House welcomes dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds. We’ve had a lot and appreciate every dog that chooses to stay here. Asheville is a pet-friendly city, but it is still difficult to find B&Bs that allow dogs. Of the ones that do, most have size restrictions or room restrictions. But not Blake House. In fact, we only have one room that is NOT pet-friendly.

As you can see, I love dogs!  And want to see more come to the Inn. To accomplish this, I’ve made some changes to the website and our offerings to be even more enticing to our four-legged guests.  The website now has a Doggie Scoop page, solely dedicated to our canine guests. And this page will evolve and grow over time. Check it out, there’s a hilarious video of a dog’s leg that is trying to steal the bone from its owner.  I crack up every time I watch it!

We also offer, dog walking services, for a very nominal fee, for our doggie guests. Jake Rusher Park is next to the Inn and while mom and dad are out enjoying Asheville, Amber or I will walk your dog(s) around the park so he/she can exercise and take care of business.  We also provide pet sitters and doggie daycare information on the Doggie Scoop Page for those looking for even more for their dog.

Lastly, we offer all kinds of romance packages and spa services for mom and dad and we’ve just added a romance basket for your dog. Fido’s Doggie-Style Romance Basket treats your canine companion to a little pampering.

But, onto the purpose of this post – our newest contest – the Cutest Dog Photo Contest

All the details and rules are on our Facebook Page, but this is a straight photo contest. Each month, send in one photo of your cutie patootie, and your dog could win a $150 Blake House Inn Gift Certificate.  Winners will be selected by votes on the site, but you must be a Fan to enter.

How cool is that? Maybe Fido can use that gift certificate for all the things discussed above.  The only catch is that mom or dad, or both have to tag along on the trip. :-)

Check it out and in the meantime, here are a few shots of some of my cuties. Sophie is our Jack Russell foster dog from Animal Compassion Network.


Squirt, Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix


Jenny, Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix




Spring INN Asheville Tour of B&Bs – April 16 & 17

February 15th, 2011 by Skyla Grimes

If you’re trying to figure out what to do this spring, come to Asheville and take a tour of some of the area’s finest inns, while sampling food from local, independent restaurants.

On the weekend of April 16th & 17th, the member inns of the Asheville Bed & Breakfast Association will be opening their doors for tours from 12-4 pm.  Fourteen inns total will be on tour over the weekend with 8 inns open on Saturday and 6 inns open on Sunday.Asheville Bed and Breakfast Association

Blake House will be open on Saturday and we have partnered with Frankie Bones in South Asheville to offer a sampling of their extensive menu for tour goers.  Each B&B on the tour is partnering with a restaurant so tour goers will have the opportunity to taste food from 14 different restaurants as part of their ticket price.

I advise purchasing your ticket online. Tickets can be purchased online through the Asheville B&B Association website for $25 for a single ticket or $40 for a couples ticket (credit card required) and your ticket is good for both days of the tour. The food alone is worth the cost of the ticket!  Tickets can only be purchased online through April 8th. After the 8th, you will have to purchase your ticket at the Asheville Shop in the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center. Walk-in ticket prices are $30 for a single ticket or $50 for a couples ticket (cash or check only).  Each B&B on the tour will have a very limited number of tickets for purchase the day of the tour so purchase early and save!

This is a fundraiser, with proceeds from ticket sales benefitting MANNA FoodBank. We’re also going to raffle off a $250 Asheville B&B Association Gift Certificate. Only select B&Bs will carry raffle tickets so you should visit all the inns on the tour since you won’t know which ones will be selling the raffle tickets.

Some of the inns will also feature donations or products for sale from local businesses and artists.  This tour is not just a tour of historic homes; it’s a chance to enjoy the local culture of Asheville through its neighborhoods, houses, gardens, restaurants, and artist community.

We hope to see you on the tour!

4 Reasons to Stay at a B&B Instead of a Hotel When Visiting Asheville, NC

January 15th, 2011 by Skyla Grimes

2011 is shaping up to be a year of ups and downs.  Many things are going up in price, including gas and groceries. Airfare rates and fees are also looking to increase.  On the bright side, the economy appears to be inching slowly into a recovery and people can afford to take vacations this year. As a small B&B owner and local resident of Asheville, I am doing my part to help our guests maintain a reasonable vacation budget.

Room rates at Blake House are not going up this year and all rooms in the main house are $150/night or less (double occupancy).  PLUS, a full gourmet breakfast is included in the nightly rate.

While you can find cheaper places to stay like an area motel or hotel, if you are looking for a complete experience, why not stay at an Asheville B&B?  Blake House is pet- and child-friendly. The perception that B&Bs are exclusive and too expensive is just not true.  Let me list just a few of the things about a B&B that recommend it as an accommodation people need to consider:

  1. Uniqueness – Every B&B is different from every other B&B. In other words, no two B&Bs are alike and no 2 rooms within a B&B are alike.  That’s because the majority of B&Bs are in historic homes where the craftsmanship and quality of construction tend to be better (thus, the reason they are still standing after hundreds of years), making each room a study in history. I have nothing against hotels, but if the walls could talk in a hotel, what do you think they’d say? In a historic B&B, you may very well find out what the walls have said because many are on National and/or Local Historical Registers and much of the historical information has been researched and provided for guests’ entertainment. Also part of the character of an historic house are the quirks and creaks that make it unique. Some houses may even be haunted by past occupants (if you’re into that kind of thing).
  2. Personal Service & Area Knowledge – Some of the best tour guides and keepers of knowledge about all things Asheville are your local innkeepers. Innkeepers are fantastic resources of information on where to go to eat and experience this wonderful city.  They have intimate knowledge of the good, the great, and the avoidable places and they are more than willing to share their opinions and experiences with their guests.  This is an often overlooked benefit for guests, but its priceless when you consider your overall experience.  The average hotel concierge may or may not even live around the hotel where they work and, therefore, may or may not have intimate knowledge of the area.  Hotels tend to refer guests to the big attractions and places where the hotel has a financial interest.  If you really want to have a great time in Asheville, trust your innkeeper to provide personal service with a strong desire for you to enjoy your entire trip.
  3. Home-made Gourmet Breakfasts – While breakfast is also offered at hotels, most are offering breakfast buffets for hundreds of guests. The average B&B is serving breakfast to a much, much smaller group of guests and you know it was made fresh and brought to you straight from the oven and had not been sitting under heat lamps for extended periods of time. Innkeepers are quite adept at working around dietary restrictions (with advance notice) and in a city like Asheville, it is not uncommon to have guests with food restrictions. When you look at breakfast in the context of the overall B&B experience, it becomes a more personal experience as well. Guests get to meet and chat with other guests, sharing their experiences in the city thus far and trading information about where they live, what brought them to Asheville, etc., etc.  Do you ever speak to anyone at a hotel breakfast other than your server?  I have seen so many guests make new acquaintances/friends during breakfast and exchange contact information afterwards. How cool is that? Yeah, MacDonald’s and Denny’s are cheaper, but can they really compare to the B&B breakfast experience?
  4. The Best in Amenities – While historical houses suggest that everything inside is antiquated, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  The majority of B&Bs have been retrofitted and renovated with modern conveniences, including individual bathrooms for each guestroom, central heat and air conditioning, wi-fi, TVs and DVD players, ipod/cd docking stations, and so on.  Yeah, some do it better than others, but in some cases, it’s not possible to totally modernize a centuries-old house without defiling the integrity of the original structure. So, we work around those inconveniences as best as possible. B&Bs also include many freebies that the average hotel/motel does not, including snacks and homemade goodies for the guests, free movies for guests to watch and games for guests to amuse themselves with. Think any of these things are free or even offered at hotels?

So when you consider your next trip, be it for business or pleasure, consider the B&B. They may not be out of your price range. Call and speak to the innkeeper before making your reservation so you can “meet” first and you can get a feel for that particular B&B and whether or not it fits with what you are looking for. Remember that every B&B is different so if one is not to your liking, there are many more to choose from.  Figure out what is most important to you in your stay and find out from the innkeeper if they can fill your needs.

Blake House is located in the city limits of Asheville, but we are not in downtown and while a 15-minute drive to downtown from the Inn doesn’t seem like a lot of time, for some it is and I understand that.  What’s great about South Asheville is that it is building up quickly, having added the Biltmore Square Town Center with a modern movie theater, a handful of restaurants, and boutiques. South Asheville also has several fabulous independent restaurants and some of the downtown restaurants are opening South Asheville locations (Tupelo Honey Cafe and Fiore’s Ristorante Toscana is coming soon).  Before long, South Asheville will be as big as downtown and guests will have to think of reasons to leave our south location. This South Asheville B&B plans to keep its room rates affordable and our guests as happy and comfortable as possible.

Mention this blog post when making your reservation and receive $10 off your total, in addition to any other special/discount you may qualify for.

1847 Blake House Inn B&B Announces December Veterans Recognition Free Night Stay Date

December 8th, 2010 by Skyla Grimes

Announcing our December Monthly Veterans Recognition Free Night Stay Date:

  • Friday, December 17th in the Dogwood Room.

Veterans can read all about the program from our earlier blog post (link is provided below).  Not only did our Asheville Bed & Breakfast participate in the B&Bs for Vets program in November, but we have extended the benefit for the entire year!

Why not come to Asheville during the holiday season and stay with us for FREE?  Asheville has much to offer and we are thankful to our Veterans and active duty military year-round.  If you know a Veteran who would love a trip to Asheville, NC, send them our way.

Blake House Inn Offers Monthly Veterans Recognition Program

November 8th, 2010 by Skyla Grimes

As an individual innkeeper and a member of the Asheville Bed & Breakfast Association (ABBA), I have participated in programs specifically designed to recognize military personnel and veterans. At Blake House, I offer an ongoing 5% discount to active military and ABBA offered a Valentine’s Day free night program for a few years. But as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have dragged on and as most of us have suffered through a slow economy, it has become easy to forget that the sacrifices of our service people are ongoing. Just as our support should be.

I am a big proponent of social media and believe that it is not a fad, but something that will become more prevalent as a method for the exchange of information. I recently read about the B&Bs for Veterans program that was started in 2009 by the West Virginia B&B Association as a local, grassroots program to recognize  our Veterans. Participating B&Bs are offering a free night’s stay to Veterans on the night of 11/10 (or 11/11 which is actually Veterans Day).  And it was through Facebook that I learned of the program. Someone I knew in high school was wounded in Iraq and he began a company called that offers recognition, support and information for wounded warriors and their family. He posted something on his business Facebook page and as a Fan, I saw the post and thought, how wonderful that the B&Bs for Vets program was specifically designed for someone like me, a B&B owner. When I first signed up to participate over a month ago, mine was the only B&B in Asheville participating. Now, there are several in this area and over 900 across the country and internationally. And all of this is as a result of  people getting the word out to their friends and family. What a terrific first-hand example of the power of social media.

At first, I was very excited to have signed up and within 24 hours, I had booked all of my free night rooms. Of the 4 reservations I took, 3 have canceled, so I only have one room booked for Thursday night. While the three cancellations are disappointing, I started thinking that it’s highly likely that many vets just can’t come on the 10th or 11th. How can I continue the spirit of the program, but do it in a way that makes it accessible year-round and by all veterans? So, I came up with the Monthly Veterans Recognition Program.

Through this program, I will offer a free night’s stay every month to a Veteran. Each month, the date will change, but the free night could be any day of the week, including a Friday or Saturday night.  At the beginning of the month, I will post the date for the free night for that month on the Inn’s Facebook Page, Twitter (@blakehouseinn), LinkedIn, and any other social media sites I can. Any Veteran who wants the free night just needs to be a Fan of the Inn and respond to the post. The first responder gets it. Anyone who sees this should forward it to their family, friends, and veterans so that they can possibly enjoy a free night in a bed and breakfast and enjoy a wonderful, home cooked breakfast. However, there are some conditions…


  1. The free night’s stay is for double occupancy. If the winning Veteran wishes to bring his/her family, there is a minimal Extra Person charge.
  2. If the room being offered has a maximum occupancy of 2 people and the winner needs a larger room, you may upgrade and pay the difference between the rate for the free room and the rate of the upgraded room.
  3. We do require a credit/debit card to hold the reservation. The card will not be charged, but is needed in case of damage or cancellation within our cancellation policy. Please only respond if you know you can make it. I would hate to give the room to someone who isn’t sure they can come and cancels at the last minute, leaving the room empty. If you aren’t sure, hold off until the next month.
  4. All other Inn policies apply.

That’s it. Not so bad, I hope. I am excited to offer this program and thank all of our service men and women for all they have done and continue to do for this great country! If anyone is still looking for a place to stay on Veteran’s Day (Thursday, November 11th), give me a call (888.353.5227). Otherwise, follow the Inn on Facebook and look for the December free night date sometime around the 1st of December.

American flag

November Starts Ski Season in Western NC

October 30th, 2010 by Skyla Grimes

Although there is still lots of colorful leaves on the trees in WNC, the cold temperatures are finally moving into the region and that means that ski season is just around the corner.  Last night saw low temperatures close to freezing and there was a blanket of frost on the grass when I took the dogs out for their morning walk.  At the same time, we’re still getting up into the 60s during the day, but the first frost usually means that it’s time to bring the potted plants inside for the winter and the ski slopes will be opening soon!

For those who don’t know, there are 6 ski slopes in western NC, all within a 2 hour drive from Asheville.  Listed below is general information about all.

  • Cataloochee Ski Area – Located in Maggie Valley, this ski area opens in early November. It has 16 slopes and trails, five ski lifts, Tube World, and night skiing.  Cataloochee is family-oriented and good for beginners.  Contact: 800.768.0285 for rates and information.  Cataloochee Ski Area is 43 miles from the Inn (about a 1 hour drive).
  • Wolf Ridge Ski Resort – Located in Mars Hill, this ski resort opens in November with 16 slopes and trails, eight ski lifts and Mars Hill Snow Tubing. Contact: 800.817.4111. Wolf Ridge Ski Resort is 44 miles from the Inn (about a 1 hour drive).
  • Sapphire Valley Ski Resort – Located in Sapphire, just east of Cashiers off Hwy 64. This resort opens mid-December with two slopes, one trail, and Frozen Falls Tube Park. Contact: 828.743.7663 for rates and information. Sapphire Valley Ski Resort is 44 miles SW of the Inn (about 1 hour 5 minutes away).
  • Sugar Mountain Resort – Located near Banner Elk, Sugar Mountain Resort has historically opened in mid-November with 20 slopes and trails, 8 ski lifts, 10,000 square-foot ice skating rink, and tubing. Ski racing and snowshoeing are also offered. Sugar Mountain is the largest ski resort in the state and encompasses over 115 acres. Contact: 800.784.2768. Sugar Mountain Resort is 85 miles NE of the Inn (about 1 hour 45 minutes away).
  • Appalachian Ski Mountain – Located near Blowing Rock, ASM is open for the 2010-2011 season from November 19 – March 27. This ski area offers 10 slopes, five ski lifts, two terrain parks, tubing, and an outdoor ice arena.  Contact: 800.322.2373 for rates and information. ASM is 99 miles NE of the Inn (just under a 2-hour drive).
  • Beech Mountain Resort – Located just past Banner Elk, Beech Mountain Resort opens in November with 15 slopes and trails, 9 lifts, a 7,000 square foot ice skating rink, and tubing. The resort boasts the highest elevation among East Coast  ski resorts at 5,506 feet. Contact: 800.438.2093 for rates and information. Beech Mountain Resort is 92 miles from the Inn (about a 2-hour drive).

Believe it or not, I have never been skiing in my life! I grew up in Northern VA, but I tended to enjoy sports requiring a lot less clothing than skiing like soccer, basketball, and volleyball.  But this may be the year that I give it a try. If any of my guests are interested, maybe we can plan a day trip together. Just be aware that I’ll be hanging out on the Beginner slopes!

It’s the End of Summer and I Can’t Think!

August 31st, 2010 by Skyla Grimes

I’m not a writer, so I can’t have writer’s block. I’m not a blogger, so I can’t have blogger’s block.  But I’ve definitely been having trouble coming up with the topics and the energy to write anything. I think it all started in June when my dog, Hummer, passed away. Since then, I began working at Eagle’s Nest Foundation and July and August have been pretty busy months at the Inn. Between being depressed about losing my baby and dealing with the summer crush as well as a new job, I feel like I haven’t had the energy or inspiration. You’d think that with all the summer action around here, I’d have no problem coming up with interesting topics.

But I can’t think of ANYTHING that I want to/feel like write about!

I’m sure I could blog about the new piece of flooring in the kitchen I had done last week ($1600 later and it’s only 1/4 of the entire kitchen floor space). Or, I could talk about the Family Reunion Cruise I just returned from (I probably will share that soon). There’s also all the fun summer activities that took place in Asheville or the cool fall lineup, including the Flower Carpet at Biltmore and Octoberfest (another beer festival). There’s a wedding at the Inn this weekend that could inspire me to write and another one the first weekend in October that I’m preparing for. Lastly, I could always talk about my super sister, Jessica, and her admirable battle with breast cancer these past six months (another probably will blog).

There are definitely lots of topics to write about. I just need to find my mojo and get back into the groove.  I’d really love to hear from anyone (professional writer, blogger, or novice) what tips they might like to share with me and the general public about how they deal with the infamous “block” that invariably happens.  What can/do you do to get past it?

Three Reasons to Send Your Kid(s) to Summer Camp

July 17th, 2010 by Skyla Grimes

As a youngster growing up in Virginia, I was extremely fortunate to have gone to summer camp for five years at Camp Rim Rock for Girls in West Virginia. My experiences have stayed with me to this day and because of the joy I had, I was able to send my son Brian to Camp Woodmont in Georgia for a few years while we lived in Florida.

Recently, I began working part-time at the Eagle’s Nest Foundation in Pisgah Forest, and it has brought back so many positive memories of my camp experiences from the 1980’s.  The Eagle’s Nest Foundation operates Hante Adventures, The Outdoor Academy, and Eagle’s Nest Camp.

Hante Adventures run during the summer for 13-18 year olds. These adventure trips last anywhere from two weeks to a month and provide many of the skills experienced at camp, but in different ways. This year, there are four Hante trips: Outer Banks, Appalachian Trail (AT) Trek, Australia, and Southwestern US Canyons. Small groups trek through the wilderness while rock climbing, biking, and whitewater paddling while learning invaluable skills and making lifelong friends.  In the past, trips have gone all over the US and the world.

The Outdoor Academy of the Southern Appalachians is an academic semester-long program for 10th graders, set on the campus of the Eagle’s Nest Camp. There is a fall semester and a spring semester and students live on campus while enjoying and experiential education. The curriculum of the Outdoor Academy is considered a college prep program with small classes in English, Natural Science, World History, Math, Languages, and Arts.

Eagle’s Nest is set on 180 acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains. That alone is enough incentive to send your kid(s) to get them off the couch or in front of the TV/video game console. The Eagle’s Nest Camp offers one-week, two-week, and three-week sessions to kids, ages 6-17. Camp is so much more than a babysitting service for parents. In fact, that’s not it at all.  I have learned that at this camp, kids come back year after year, many become Junior Counselors and Counselors. Parents also become counselors while their children attend camp and get to enjoy the “camp” experience as well.

Here are three more reasons to consider sending your kid(s) to Eagle’s Nest:

  1. Adventure – Being in the mountains, Eagle’s Nest offers campers a nature setting to explore their environment and try new things. They will climb mountains, paddle down the French Broad River on a homemade raft, go rock climbing, and backpack on overnight camping trips.
  2. Leadership – The purpose of this camp is to help young people discover their true selves through activities that promote community awareness and establish a connection with nature. Leadership skills are enhanced and developed when kids work towards common goals like building their own raft, building sets for their session play, and putting together an overnight camp during a hiking trip.
  3. Education – The mission of Eagle’s Nest is “Experiential education for young people, promoting the natural world and the betterment of human character.” Activities are not mindless time fillers; they all serve an educational purpose while encouraging campers to live naturally, responsibly, and respectfully.

I ended this post with the Summer Camp, but in reality, it is just the beginning of Eagle’s Nest. The amount of loyalty towards Eagle’s Nest is impressive and kids go from summer camp to Hante Adventures to The Outdoor Academy, to possibly camp counselors/Academy Instructors, and on. Being a non-profit, Eagle’s Nest Foundation is overseen by a Board of Trustees, many of whom have sent their children to camp or had some association with the Foundation prior to becoming a Board member. There is a strong sense of family within this Foundation and if you are looking for something different in your kid’s summer camp, I encourage you to check out Eagle’s Nest. This is not just another summer camp; it rises above and offers so much more than the average camp experience. Your kid(s) will never forget their experiences here and the value of what they take away is worth so much more than money.

Surprising Gifts in the Form of Kind Words

May 4th, 2010 by Skyla Grimes

In today’s world, there is an emphasis on reviews. Many people do or don’t buy or try a product or service based on someone’s personal opinion about that product or service. In my world, the world of travel, hospitality, and tourism, there are many sites out there for people to leave anonymous reviews of me and my B&B. Trip Advisor, Yelp,, just to name a few. Not to mention someone’s personal blog or website.

Someone has a bad experience or just a bad day and they can ruin a business’s reputation. Or at least make it difficult to overcome. I have received my share of good AND bad reviews. After the initial upset caused, I have been able to take a step back and really look at what the reviewer is saying. In some cases, their issues were totally valid and I have sought to remedy problems. Things like an a/c unit that is not working properly or someone not wanting to share table space with other guests or not liking something I cook are easy enough to fix. Personality conflicts and not liking my style of running the Inn are not so easy to change, but I try my best. As a result, I have definitely seen a change over the past several years in the number of unhappy guests versus happy guests. It’s not that I received a large number of bad reviews, but when you receive one or two a year, it leaves an impression.  The ultimate goal as an innkeeper is to offer a welcoming house for guests and to enhance their lodging experience with a genuinely pleasant and accommodating attitude.

I think I have come a long way from the first 2 years of B&B ownership and a background in Human Resources where policies are policies and you don’t break them and where everything has its place and any deviation caused stress. Taking the review comments from unhappy guests and comments from the happy ones too, I feel so much better now that I listen more and don’t get so worried about the small stuff. If a guest breaks something, I don’t break out into hives anymore; it’s no big deal. It can be replaced. I have gotten rid of some of the fees that I used to charge for things like early check-ins and large group cleaning gratuities. Let the airlines and hotel chains nickel and dime their customers with lots of extra fees.

Many of the changes I have made over the years have come as a result of positive feedback rather than negative feedback. When someone criticizes your way of doing things, it’s easy to ignore their comments or become so defensive that you can’t hear what is being said. But when you have a conversation with a happy guest and they ask if you can change something about your Inn, their room, their breakfast or its operation, it is so much easier to take their words to heart, because you know they are coming from a place of caring about you and your business and because they plan to come back!

My suggestion to anyone getting ready to rip into a business via an anonymous review would be to try speaking to the owner, innkeeper, or manager first. You may find that a few kind words go further than a scathing post on everything you hated about your experience or the product. If that doesn’t work (sometimes a request is out of the control of even the person in charge), then a post with objective information and suggestions for improvement will still probably go further than nothing but negative comments. Even humor goes a long way.

I wanted to share a couple of cards from guests I received recently. How many people sit down and spend a few minutes writing a card to another person, a business? And to receive two cards, one in March & one in April, was so touching that I felt the need to share with my readers and guests how much I appreciate them once they leave the Inn. This is the reason why people looking for a personal experience should consider staying at a B&B versus a hotel. We WANT to establish relationships with our guests.

The first card was sent just before Easter from guests who have been to the Inn 4-5 times over the past couple of years. I had not seen them since the fall so to receive an Easter card was thrilling. The guests wrote: “Thanks so much for remembering us with a gift certificate! That was so thoughtful of you and sweet! Spring has finally come to Indiana; February was our cold, snowy month. We just love you and Blake House and are looking forward to coming down to Asheville again in 2010.”

The second card was sent mid-April from a guest who had stayed here a couple of years ago and had come back to visit family in the area. She wrote, “Dear Leslie, Thanks for launching me into Spring 2010 in royal style.  Loved my stay at your beautiful inn. I’ve tormented many with tales of your fabulous breakfasts. (The only attempt I’ve made at imitating was the baked grapefruit.) A success! Best regards. P.S. I’ll be back!”

As an innkeeper, I meet a lot of people; some are just passing through Asheville for one night and some stay for several days. My hope is that everyone enjoys their stay, no matter the amount of time. But if you don’t, you can talk to me and I will listen. If you do, I thank you most ardently for any kind words you say or write, whether you choose to share them with others via online review sites, or if you only share them with me in a sweet card or email.

I love Asheville! I love this Inn! And I love everyone who shares part of their life with me and this old house.

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