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Room Refresh – Lilac Room

March 12th, 2009 by Skyla Grimes

Some innkeepers will pick one room each year that they update or renovate, but I find that too difficult because things come up throughout the year that need to be fixed or I see something that I want to add to a room or an idea I see in a magazine that I’d like to try and sticking with one room just wouldn’t work. Besides, with seven rooms, that means each room only gets renewed once every seven years. So, I update as something comes to me. I have also found that as I start a small project, it quickly escalates into something bigger. Take the Lilac Room for instance….

What started out as simply switching a heavy bulky TV for a newer flat screen, turned into needing to repaint the room. Here’s how it happened.

I decided to take out the 26″ TV that was housed in an entertainment center and replace it with a 26″ flat screen that I could put on the fireplace mantle, thus taking the entertainment center out and making more space in the room. Simple, right? Not so. One of the benefits of having the TV on the fireplace mantle is that the cable cord would be much closer to the cable jack. Where the TV was in the entertainment center meant that I had a 50′ cable cord that ran from the cable jack, up the right side of the mantle, across the mantle, down the left side of the mantle, along two short walls, around the molding of the bathroom door, and along a portion of another wall to reach the TV. All of the cable cord was in cord covers so you didn’t see it hanging out. Well, when I removed the cord cover from all over the wall, especially around the bathroom door area, it took off a large portion of the paint. Of course, I had not thought of this and realizing that I had guests coming to stay in that room in a few days, I took as much of the paint chips as I could to Lowe’s and matched (or thought I had matched) the paint perfectly. In fact, when the chips sat on top of the paint sample, there was no difference. NONE! Not so when I put it on the walls.

You know, I really knew in the back of my mind that it wouldn’t be an exact match because who knew how long the paint had been on the walls (certainly more than 3 years since that’s how long I’ve had the Inn), but I guess I was hoping for a miracle. Anyway, it was very obvious that the new paint is just slightly lighter than the original paint. So, I went back to Lowe’s and bought 2 gallons and decided to repaint the walls. I started seeing all the dings and scuff marks on the walls as I was painting them so this turned out to be a good thing because the walls look refreshed.

In addition, I wallpapered a section of the wall behind the bed to give the walls a little pop and I built a topper between the tops of the windows. I used some of the left-over material from the daybed bedding, some of which I had used to extend the curtains since nothing in this house is standard sized. Without the entertainment center (I subsequently sold it on ebay), the room feels even larger than it already is. I’m lucky that I have larger than normal rooms, and the feel of this room works even better with the TV on the mantle where guests can watch it either from the bed or from the armchairs at the end of the bed and in front of the fireplace.

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