Tracking the Fall Foliage Change Along the Blue Ridge Parkway

As we near the end of summer and the month of September, the calls start rolling in from guests wanting to know if the leaves are changing yet and when will the colors be at their peak.

From year to year, this changes slightly and I always hesitate to tell guests when they should come in case I’m off. In general, the best period for seeing the leaves at their peak is between the 2nd and 4th weeks in October. Because of all the rain in the first half of the year, predictions are wildly all over the place about when the leaves will change and if we’ll get any color at all.

So, to try to help out our guests in planning their trip to Asheville, I found a great fall foliage tracker on Blue Ridge Parkway Daily.

Not only are they tracking the fall colors around Asheville, but in Virginia as well. And there’s information on where the Parkway may have closings that people want to avoid. Travelers can send in information themselves when and where they are seeing color and the tracker gets updated on Thursdays each week.

Right now, it looks like everything is still green all along the 469 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway, but keep checking back each week to see the color changes.


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