Asheville Gets More Snow

Asheville was “lucky” enough to get another 6-7 inches of snow yesterday, March 2nd. Here are a few photos taken with the Photo Booth Plus application on my iPhone. You will see Rocky wiggling his way through the snow as fast as he could across the parking lot to get to the Inn so he can get inside and get warm!

The good news is that temperatures for the next couple of days will get up into the 40s and by Saturday/Sunday, we should be in the 50s. While this snow was especially beautiful, I am ready for it to melt.  I was out last night shoveling the walkway, a path to the walkway and the kitchen door and one parking spot.  If the remaining snow doesn’t melt, I’ll be shoveling a few more spots for this weekend’s guests.

To date, the Asheville area has seen snow accumulations in December, January, February, & now March. All told, the Inn has had close to 3 feet of snow (not all at once like my family in Virginia), but over 4 different snows, all added together. That’s outrageous!  We usually get 4-6″ a year.  And I won’t even talk about the cold temperatures! Suffice it to say, our averages have been 10 – 15 degrees below average all winter.

On a lighter note, I have seen a few green sprouts coming up before yesterday’s snow, which means that the first spring bulbs are not far behind.  I am quite excited to see some color on the ground within the next few weeks and will be snapping photos as soon as the daffodils, hyacinth, and tulips make their appearances.

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