FREE Asheville Food Tour Tickets

We are offering FREE Asheville Food Tour tickets to our mid-week guests during December, January & February.

Guests who stay 3 or more nights (Mondays – Thursdays) in December and 2 or more nights (Mondays – Thursdays) in January or February will receive 2 FREE tickets to one of Asheville’s food tours. This $50 value keeps on giving because once you go on a food tour, you receive a 5-day passport to receive 10% off dining at any of the restaurants on the passport.

There are currently 3 different food tours and each tour has different restaurants. Tuesday tours visit Biltmore Village. Wednesdays and Fridays visit one set of restaurants in downtown Asheville and Thursdays and Saturdays visit a second set of restaurants in downtown Asheville.

Each tour only takes up to 12 people so it’s a good idea to schedule your tour early.  Please keep in mind that there is a minimum headcount requirement for a tour and it may be canceled due to low headcount, but it will not be canceled due to weather. Tours run rain or shine.

Once you make your room reservation at Blake House, I will ask you what tour you want and will make reservations for you. For reservations with at least 7 days notice, I will have your tickets for you when you arrive for check-in. For reservations under 7 days, you will receive your tickets/passport when you meet for your tour.

Check out the Asheville Food Tours website for additional information. I have been on the Biltmore Village Tour and can say firsthand that it is fabulous! We had so much food to sample between the 7 restaurants visited that we didn’t need dinner that night.  The downtown tours feature more restaurants so I recommend that you not miss this opportunity to sample a lot of the good food that Asheville has to offer.

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