Sycamore Suite Bedroom Facelift

Over the past week, I have been making some changes to the Sycamore Suite in the Carriage House. It has always been set up mainly for families, with bright colors and multiple beds.  I have decided to move towards a couples orientation, but still allowing for families.

I have left the living room and kitchen area the same, but have made changes to the bathroom and bedroom.

The bathroom had been brightly painted in blue and green with an underwater theme.  It is still decorated with fish, but the walls are now a bright white with gold flecks in the paint to give it a little sparkle.

In the bedroom, I replaced the two double beds with a king bed, new mattresses, and new bedding.  I also painted one wall in peach, keeping the other three walls yellow.  Also, there is a new flat screen TV hanging on the wall.  The room feels much bigger.

There is still a sofabed in the living room and we also have a toddler bed and rollaway bed in the closet for children. However, the plan is to make the Suite a romantic option. There are two things left to do to accomplish this goal: 1) set up an electric fireplace in the bedroom to provide a romantic ambiance and 2) replace the tub in the bathroom with a whirlpool tub.  The fireplace should be finished quickly; the whirlpool tub will take a little time.

In the meantime, potential guests can check out more photos and a full description of the Suite on the Rooms Description Page.

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