Gearing Up for Fall

As October approaches, I’m already pulling out the Fall decorations and will slowly start to decorate around the Inn. My goal is to get one box/bin done per day. At that rate, it should take me about a week to decorate everything.

With all the rain we have gotten in the past week, it looks like the trees may stay green a little longer.  However, when I’ve been able to run outside, I have seen just a few trees that have changed color early.  Also, my two gigantic Sycamore trees are starting to drop dead leaves all over the parking lot.  My lawncare guys were here on Friday and blew all the leaves into a long pile that they will bag the next time they are here. By Sunday, the parking lot is already filling up again.

Typical peak leaf season is between the 2nd and 4th weeks of October and we look to be on-target for that this year.  I don’t think we’ll see a whole lot of color until the end of the second week, or early into the third week.  But temperatures are dropping into the 40’s at night this week so I could be proven wrong. This week, I’ve been pulling out the down comforters and adding those to the guestbeds.

The middle of October is mostly booked, but we do have some rooms available so take a look at our Availability Chart if you’re looking to come to the area. It is up-to-date.

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