Magnolia Room Renovation

So I’ve decided to do some upgrading on the Magnolia Room.  Of all the rooms, I’ve probably done the least to this room so far.  In 2007, I did have the shower replaced as well as replacing the the bed with another queen bed and a new box spring.  Oh, and I had a ceiling fan installed last year.  For the most part, the room has remained the same since I bought the Inn in 2006.

I receive so many requests from people for separate beds and while the Lilac Room has a king bed and a child’s bed, the Rose Room has a king bed and a full-size futon couch, the Azalea Room has a king bed and a daybed, and the Sycamore Suite has 2 full size beds and a queen size sleeper sofa, I think I can get two beds in the Magnolia Room.

This decision really started because I plan on replacing the queen bed in the Holly Room with a new bed.  What I decided to do was to move the queen Victorian bed from the Magnolia Room into the Holly Room.  Instead of getting another queen bed, I’ve decided to get 2 twin beds which can be put together to make a king bed or separated into twins.  This means that the room will fill two needs and that means happier guests.

I may have to downsize the furniture in the room to make it all work and I’ll have to move the location of the bed, but I’ve taken the measurements and it can work.  It also means new bedding for both king and twin size beds and new mattresses, blankets, etc.

I’ve already gotten the twin beds from a new antique store in the Biltmore Village called Reunion Antiques and am having them sandblasted and powder-coated so they will be just like new. This shop has only been open for a month, but as soon as they have a website, I’ll post a link to it. The owner was extremely helpful and very willing to take offers (unlike some places) and she is arranging to have the beds done up nice for me. I can see myself spending a fair amount of time at this place.

I anticipate that with a king/twin bed option, this will become a more popular room. I’m on a mission now and should have the changes finished within the next month. So exciting!

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