Gardening Like Mad – Part II

I’ve been trying to do as much gardening as possible before I leave for Ireland this Saturday. I have just about gotten the majority of projects started or completed. It is a great relief the see the fruits of my labors over the past couple of months as a lot of stuff has bloomed, is in bloom, or is getting ready to bloom.

I have been planting a lot of oranges and purples, my two favorite colors. I have found some vibrant orange azalea bushes at two of the local Ingles Grocery stores and I love them! I have paired them with purple azaleas and two lilac bushes in front of the house and down the side of the slope in between the arborvitae trees. I still need to get another 6 bushes to complete that project, but it seems that only Ingles has the orange ones and I snagged all that I could (only $17 each).

I also broke my back finishing the stone path on the opposite side of the gazebo, but I think it looks great! I planted some lemon thyme and lime thyme on the edge and in between some of the stones and so as they spread, they will fill in some of the space between the stones. With the extra stones that I didn’t use, I stacked them up in the corner of the fence and created a stacked sculpture.

I’ve also been doing a lot of container planting, on the patio and the front porch. Other than buying plants and potting soil, I’ve been able to use and re-use pots and containers I’ve had taking up space around the Inn. Here are some miscellaneous photos of my container plants. See if you can guess what the plants are (there are some that came back this year and I honestly don’t know what they are).

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