Gardening Like Mad

This is turning out to be the perfect spring so far. Rain for a few days; sunny for a few days; more rain for a day or two. The temperature has been a little up and down, but I think it has finally taken a turn. I still see a few nights in the upper 30s, but the days are in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

This has all been great for the gardens aroun
d the property and I have spent as much time as possible planting new gardens and cleaning out all the trees and bushes that didn’t survive the winter. Thanks to my dad, the waterfall has been cleaned out and is up and running. I have to refill it every few days, but I always enjoy watching it when I’m walking by.

Down in the lower patio area and around the gazebo, I have been planting all new gardens. I even found a giant pile of slate buried in the back, back yard. It was obviously left over slate that had been used to build the upper and lower patios and it’s been buried under debris and mulch for many years. I have been pulling it out little by little and am building a new path on the opposite side of the gazebo. This is also an area where I just planted a brand new garden where none had ever been (up until last year, it was all overgrown and neglected). Today I put in spiraea bushes, purple pin cushion flowers, orange geum flowers, silver mound, and yellow Carolina jasmine to run along the fence. In addition, I had transplanted a Filburt tree and there were already some hostas and day lillies in the area. It is supposed to rain tomorrow so I wanted to get everything in the ground before the rain and so will take some photos in a few days to post.

Another garden I just planted runs along the lower patio walkway and in that area I planted some spiraea bushes, hydrangea, sedum, violas, catmint, golden oregano to go along with the tulips and lantana already in the section. If I was smart, I would have taken some “before” photos, but if you can envision empty space, you’ll get the picture.

Throughout the property, I’ve been busy filling my hanging baskets with petunias, ivy, ferns, and various other hanging plants. In pots, I just planted some succulents, boxwood, peonies, elephant ears, coleus, ferns, spiderwort, and many other perrenials. I prefer perrenials over annuals since they tend to come back each year, but some annuals are so beautiful that I can’t help myself.

I get a 20% landscape contractors discount at the local BB Barns so I shop there most of the time. They are more pricey than Lowe’s and Wal-Mart, but they have an immense selection and a beautifully enticing set up. While I’ve never been very good at gardening and remembering the names of plants, I am starting to enjoy building several garden spaces around the property. The exercise alone makes it worth it.

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