Baby Birdies

On March 18th, I noticed a very nice bird’s nest had been built at the top of the wreath on my front door. I was quite impressed with the job that the unknown bird had done so I took a few photos.

By April 4th, I was excited to see 3 beautiful blue Robin’s eggs in the nest. Every time I opened the front door, I was seeing a big robin flying around and it was obvious that the nest was hers. So, whenever I had to open the door, I tried to be gentle and make sure not to upset her. Then, on April 7th-8th, the temperature dropped and we even got a little bit of snow so I was worried about the eggs. But, the momma bird was still around and had not abandoned her nest. Then, on April 9th, I came out to the front porch and I could see a little beak poking out of the top of the nest. I gingerly got up on a chair and took a photo of the baby bird, making sure not to touch anything. It looks like there are two unhatched eggs. I am hoping they will also hatch.

Of course, I will try to snap a few more photos in the coming days and will post them if there is anything new to see.

Oh, I love spring!

Update on 4/18: I have taken a few more photos of the birds. Unfortunately it looks like only one of the three eggs hatched, but the one baby appears to be doing well.

The first photo is of the momma bird sitting in her nest and the other two are close ups of the baby bird.

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