Pulling Off a Last Minute Elopement

Normally, I ask for 30 days when people request one of my Elopement Packages, mainly because finding an available minister can be tricky. However, I am happy to say that I pulled off the fastest elopement in Blake House history this past weekend. We did it in 5 days!

I got an email Tuesday morning from a past guest who asked if I could pull together an elopement for her and her fiance (they had stayed here with me twice before) for the coming weekend. Cheryl and Keith have two children from previous relationships and both would be with them this weekend and so they thought, why not see what they can do about getting married. Keith owns his own lawn and nursery business so it’s difficult for him to get away, but apparently, this weekend could work so they were hopeful and surprised when it actually came together.

They were also looking for something very simple and did not want to go for one of my Elopement Packages since they would have their kids and my packages are not really set up for families. So, I put together something very simple, and they actually found a minister which took a lot of the pressure off.

I work with some very wonderful vendors and want to thank Alecia at Sweet Bouquets Florist (no website yet, but her number is 828.684.0810). She came through with a beautiful nosegay bridal bouquet with roses, baby’s breath, and other greenery. Kristin at Dessert First made a delicious lemon and raspberry cake with buttercream frosting for 4-6 people. I also provided some Sparkling Cider so that all four could enjoy a congratulatory toast with their cake for dessert.

Because we had been having rain for the past two days, the ceremony was held at 8:00 pm in one of the dining rooms in front of the fireplace (so romantic with all the candles on the mantle). I remember sweating while moving several tables and chairs out of one dining room and into the other to make space for the ceremony and thinking that the weather is finally turning warmer.

My mother and I were witnesses and since I was also videotaping the ceremony for them (using their video recorder), I didn’t get to take my own photos. But, we took a few still photos and they are supposed to send some to me, which I will post once I get them. Afterwards, my mother and I had to move the tables and chairs back into the dining room and set the tables for breakfast the following morning. Though this was a simple ceremony, there’s still a lot of work before and after. It was almost 9:30 pm by the time we finished.

The family stayed in the Rose Room, and did I mention that they brought their German Shepherd dog, Storm, with them? The Rose Room is the only room that can accommodate 4 people plus a pet.

While I prefer NOT to pull these together with very little notice, I am certainly satisfied that this one worked out so well. The happy family left this morning with promises to be back, maybe even before their first anniversary.

I am happy to customize a package for anyone looking to personalize their experience and hope to assist many more couples with their wedding.

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