Spring is in the air

Today saw temperatures in the 70’s. Pretty amazing when less than a week ago, we got about 6″ of snow, a rare sight where we are in the valley of Asheville. The next several days are looking to be in the 60’s which makes me very happy. I am definitely a warm weather kind of person.

The daffodils and hyacinth are starting to come up and this year, I am happy to report that they are EVERYWHERE on the property. Last year, whether because of the drought or a late cold spell, I did not get many spring bulbs.

I’m leery of putting my indoor plants outside yet and will wait another couple of weeks, but I can just tell that they are ready to be back outside. The photo on the left looking inside one of the dining room windows is of one of my Amaryllis bulbs. I planted it just after New Year’s and the flower finally bloomed last week. It’s gorgeous with about 8 flowers in bright red. I planted 5 other bulbs, but other than growing long green leaves, none had blooming flowers. I’ll store them and hope that they bloom next winter.

It’s also about time to go clean out the waterfall which has been turned off and neglected all winter and rake up the leaves from the fall that ended up in the bushes and all those not-so-easy-to-reach areas.

I am getting psyched up to start doing some hefty yard work and to begin planting new bushes, plants, and flowers. I just bought a rain barrel and hope that using rain water will help save on my watering bill this year. I’ll have to remember to compare my bi-monthly water bills to see if there is a difference. More rain this year will help so I’m not sure how accurate a comparison will be. But capturing rainwater is a good way to keep going green and I’m happy to do it.

Now, if I can get myself to start growing fruits and vegetables, I will be accomplishing A LOT!

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